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We started Inside The Force back in 2013, shortly after the Walt Disney Company purchased Lucasfilm. Our goal was to share our love and passion for Star Wars and to grow our knowledge by consuming all the new canon stories so we could offer unique insight all fans could enjoy. We continue this mission today.

After a few years of releasing a weekly podcast, we decided to start creating more content. That led us to start our YouTube channel where you can find several different shows centered on specific themes. From the publishing stories to interviews with those that have worked on a galaxy far, far away, we try to cover as much of Star Wars as we can.

We hope you have a good feeling about this and enjoy our content as we’re always looking to grow and expand. We’re fans first and you’ll always find us discussing Star Wars with positivity and respect. Thanks to all of you that have been supporting us over the years. And if you’re just finding us, hello there, this is where the fun begins.


Our weekly Star Wars show where we analyze the latest news, offer expanded insight, discuss unique topics, and much more. Join us as we go Inside The Force.


Our YouTube channel offers more content beyond the podcast. These shows provide expanded reviews, answers to complex questions, guest interviews, and much more.


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